If you’re interested in advertising on, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs further. Check our small banner offer below.

Small banner advertising

We have a few dedicated spots at the left of our site - each ad is 149 x 77 pixels in size. There’s no ad rotation - your graphic will appear 24/7 on all pages viewed. We currently average 11000 page views monthly and that’s growing. All you need to do is provide us your ad in the appropriate size, in any graphical format as long as file size is under 40Kb

Cost: $7.5 USD per month, $20 for three months, $36 for six months.

Payment is available via Paypal  PayPal

One month Ads - $7.50     

Three months Ads - $20.00  

Six months Ads - $36.00    


Text Placements

We specify 25 characters for your title and 65 for the rest of your ad, including spaces and punctuation. Because it is text-only, there is more room for explanation, sales text, or description compared with graphical banner advertising.

Cost: $5.00 USD per month, $25.00 for six months (save 16%).

One month text placement - $5.00     

Six months text placement - $25.00   


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