Last Chaos Guide And Hints

27 Feb in cheats

Do you ever have trouble training your pet? Well read this and you will be amazed!!!

What you have to do is find a good MOB. (Monster) Its name should be white. So it will be easier. You just have to take off your weapon and then attack the monster. You dont really have to kill it just attack. This also works on green named mobs but I dont reccomend it. You can do this in a party. But make sure the other person doesn't have a weapon either. Your pet will get about 1 exp per second or longer. Make sure that while you are attacking, your pet doesn't get attacked. And make sure you dont die! Your pet gets 1 SP point per lvl. When that happens, go to the animal trainer, with your pet still equipped (might not see it) and use the SP point for a skill. There are also skills that your pet gets when its a mount. Thats a dragon. You can only get the skills that are for a baby dragon. While your pet lvls, it grows bigger and bigger. Although it starts to grow at level 16. It has a growth spurt.

Easy Levels.

Are you EVER boerd of training and training? I know some tips that will let you level up faster.

What you have to do is just always attack things with yellow names. They are above your level but not too high. If your a sorccer it will be simple for you. If your a low level, like still level 5 or something I reccomend that you dont do it. Just attack things your level. Which have white names. If your a level 5 sorccer then you can attack things that have yellow names. Sometimes if your really strong, you can even attack things that have RED names. But dont try it unless your pretty sure you can do it or somebody is helping you. Sometimes if you attack things that have red names, they can be TOO high of a level for you. Pretend your level 7. And you attack a Werewolf that is lvl 10-12. You probabaly die cause it has a way higher level than you. Even sometimes if you like level 10 and you want to attack a level 13, the mob can sometimes still kill you unless your strong. Hope you enjoyed these tips!!!



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hi i'm ken and that trick works! the pet trick! but it's not fun... actually i preffer to attack yellow monsters (knigth here) and kill them fast. my pony got 100 xp before i knew it! besides i got 20 % xp (lvl 11) so it's kinda like a mix of what u said that is best! but ur rigth with the lvls, cuz' i had a healer friend once and she were healing me much when i fougth elder werewolf (when i was lvl 4, still red omg XI!!) and even with a lvl 5 healer (that is a good protection for a lvl 4) i died... almost... my friend died before me... but this is a warning: do NEVER EVER attack elder werewolf even if lvl 9! have healer or party with u!! that was all i wanted to say...

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but this is a warning: do NEVER EVER attack elder werewolf even

Hey, Im level 12 and i attacked a Pandora's monster and killed it with potions

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LVL 25 titan

the best way to lvlv up ur pet for a titan get in a guild get sp lock on at lvl 25 go fight harpies that will be green with ur bare hands they dont attack ur pet and when a big monster comes try to fight u will die but ur exp will go back to zero so u can continue fighting the harpies and not lvl urself up i have lvled my pet from lvl 5 to lvl 13 in less then a week its a good idea

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If you go to merac and take

If you go to merac and take off weapons and attack butchers as long as your a lower level and with either a healer or a mage it goes really fast especially with pet xp crystals lol i can get my pet from level 1-31 in 2 days in merac and i have a lot of pets at semi high levels...

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lol i owned it easy

i killed 2 on 1 day o level 9 and i now 12 i playyes like 12 min

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elder werewolf

I guess this is different if your a titan then.
I was lvl 7 and killing elder werewolves and at lvl 9 i killed a blood wolf which is lvl 27.

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Actually, I was attacking

Actually, I was attacking elder's at level 7. It is expensive, because you need a lot of healing potions. If you click one right before you start the fight. And click again after it fades out every time you start to get low. You can take them.

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lol dude i m lvl 17 sorcerer

lol dude i m lvl 17 sorcerer and pwn blood werewolves its awesome (they still lvl 34? havent played in awhile downloading game as i type)

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lots of potions????

seriously...u can attack and kill an elder werewolf at lvl 7 without using a potion... for long range characters..just use your special attack on the picked target and run away till the skill recharges then use it again and again..not a scratch from the monster

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i can kill 3 sasquatches at the same time at lvl 7 without potyions and stuff now i kill elder and blood wolves wen im lvl 11 sorceror but the pet thing works good!!

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I have killed a blood wolf along with 3 other Elder Werewolf when I was level 15.

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i'm lvl 9 (Knight) i take down 2 elders and 1 blood wolve without pots but the pet thing works great got a lvl 5 dragon :) ty guys

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For real pet leveling: Make

For real pet leveling: Make a Knight, lvl it up to about 23 BUT only use sp's on dex. I.e u have v good defence, but poor attack. Now, make urself a fairy (+4 set of armours) or buy a set you can get cheap. Goto a mob (one that give pet exp) and that wont attack your pet, drag to a quite spot. unequip your weapon and attack..This works for me constantly, I never die, neither does the mob. At level one pet, you can gain 13 lvls a day without much watching the pc, at higher lvls u need to feed the pet every few hours.
whenever a pet gains a level, goto animal trainer and use point on defence.

This way i have made many mounts...easy peasy

p.s if you find the mob u attack is losing health, remove any str accessories or an item with str stats, if you find your losing health, equip a def accessory. mix and match until you perfect this technique. it works.

p.p.s this also works with lower lvl knights, just that ive never done it, i started at L23 on treants. So if you dont want to lvl a knight to 20+, try this technique on lower mobs.

GOODLUCK...not that you need it

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how do i hatch my drake

excuse me but i need help finding out how to hatch my drake egg a lvl 7

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i realy needhelp
plz i need help hatching my drake egg respond to me at

please respond to me

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getting a hatchling

when u get an egg you should go to Lorraine. She will give you a quest. When you accept go to the teleporter. you should then go to dratan. When you get there look on the map. There will be a blue mark. Go to it,( it is Jajan... the guy you have to find) talk to him. you will then get a baby dragon.

p.s.- you can only use dragons in the wilderness

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Hatching Your Drake Is Easy!

You have to take your egg to the Archeologist Jajan on Dratan to hatch your Drake. You guys that are new to the game, I suggest either becoming an apprentice. The person that mentors you can help you with more than you can imagine. Just some sound advice for the novice. We all started from the begining.

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Hatching Drake Reply

First of all you need to summon it to the battle grounds and then you fight something that take you a long ass time to kill and you hatchling will gain 1 exp per hits.

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drake hatching

u 1st go n find a drake egg 3 ways u kill n monsters drop them n buy them but ppl sell them expensive or befriend a person n bring up the question he will give u a egg. Then take it to lorraine she will get u started on a new quest u will go to teleporter go to dratan go to south left corner of dratan u will find him their. Give him the egg n woots u got a drake

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how to hatch drake

go to lorraine and get drake egg quest then go to dratan and look on your map how to get to janja he will hatch it for you

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Hatching The Eggs

Ok, guys, all you have to do, is a quest appears that you can hatch your pet. Read the info and you will know who to walk to. A little arrow, or on the map, you will see who to walk to. Then, talk to them and go to the other town. There you will have to talk to a another person. He will give u info on the pet and then it will be hatched or unlocked.

Horse Freak

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how do i hatch my drake

i already have a drake egg i just dont know where to go to get hatchde

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How do "hatch" a Drake or Horse

For a Dragon, get a drake egg ( doesn't matter what color ) and bring it to Lorraine in Randol.She will give you a quest to find Janjan. To find him, go to Teleporter Eteal and go to Dratan. From there, press "W" and find a purple "A" named Janjan. Talk to him and he will hatch the egg.

For a Horse, get a pan fulte ( still doesn't matter what color ) and do the same thing that you would do for a dragon.


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Hatching The Eggs

Make sure you look in your quest tab. It should say a quest to hatch your drake egg or unlock your pony. Look at all the quests and make sure that you talk to all of the people so that way you wont have to go back and forth. =D

Horse Freak

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feeding my drake

ok ok now that i,ve got my drake could you please tell me how to its herbs
p.s respond now
or as quikly as you can

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Feeding the drake

Ok. All you have to do is get the herbs needed. Rocks for food. And Leaves or Roots for healing. When your pet's hungry, double click on the food. It will raise the food bar. =D Yeeeeaaaaa, Bye.

Horse Freak

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how do i sell things to

how do i sell things to other players

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How to sell things.

To open a sale u have to be lvl 10. 1.When ur level 10 go to town 2.find a nice spot where alot of ppl go through 's' 4.find the tabs on the left side of the box that just popped up on the third tab it says 'action,social' merchant mode items u want to sell by either double clicking them or draging them to the box 8.then u can select ur price 9.after that all u do is type wat u want ur sale sign to say(it has to be 3 letters long) 10.then click open sale and that it =)

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what do i feed my pony

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Feeding/ Selling

Well, first of all, you can sell by making a shop. You have to go to your actions menu and then find the button that say's to open a shop. Same with trading. Go to your actions menu.


All you need to do to feed your pony is find the food for it (which are those rock things) and then you have to just double click the rocks

Horse Freak


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Tyvm for telling me how to open a shop!

Thank you!!!


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Feeding my drake

Where are the rock things? I looked everywhere and can't find it

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Feeding the drake

The rock things u have to either buy from other players or just  go to a mine near you and just start mining there for the rocks. You can use boosters to help you get them much faster but the boosters run out sooo yea.......  just read a book or something near the comp, and when you are done mining, you can just stop reading and keep playing.


Horse Freak

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yeh even without a fire pet i killed a lvl 12 monster at lvl 5 with mah sorcc and man is my pet gettin majah exp

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If you are level 1-5 you should fight over by the fox and elder wolf.
If you are level 5-10 you should fight over in the Sasquatch area or the werewolf area.If it is too hard fight the Jaguars.
If you are level 10-15 fight the Werewolf or the Elder Werewolf(you may need a party for the Elder Werewolf)
If you are level 15-25 fight in the Porkin Temple over at Dratan. It is really good SP and EXP.
If you have any questions e-mail at

P.S I have been playing for 2 years and I have 10 reputation on my guy.

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a good tip about pet

a good tip about pet leveling is

1. invite a healer to your party but tell that person to not attack just heal you

2.Attack a red monster (i preffer the level 27 blood wolf at lvl 14) but i don't reccommend attacking lvl 27's at low levels for tghat you need like three healers

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You don't

You do not need 3 healers only one because if you use those minerals like Defense mineral then you should be fine and if you have good armor too. My friend kill a Blood Wolf and he was level 17 and he killed it easily with only one healer. Now if you are a noob then you will need 3 healers.

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the best thing to do at lvls

the best thing to do at lvls below lvl 31, is killing monsters that are the exact same lvl as u are. this way u will gain lots of sp, u can gain the experience later in demon party's. first go for sp, later sp... and about the pet lvling, get a knight with 25+3 armor, and +6 shield, all stat points on dexterity, fight without a weapon on butchers... good luck with it

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A guide for leveling...

Hey here's a Leveling guide for all classes...

1: Titan

Level 1 - Level 5: Titans are powerhouses whether they have on their great axe
or great swords. Right from the beginning, you should run over to the wolf
pack and chop those up to bits instead of monsters like Fox or Deer.

Level 6 - Level 9: The wonderful patch of farmland a little bit past the
wolves puts Jaguars on your hunting list. Buy some potions from Merchant Geres
you should use them now, Jaguars are pretty vicious and like to attack you on

Level 10 - Level 14: Sasquatch? Weren't they extinct? No, this game has them,
and they are a great source of experience and skill point experience.
They're not too far off from the Jaguars, either. Expect to reach level 14
in hours of gameplay.

Level 15 - Level 17: Horn Beasts, or Elder Werewolves. I actually like where
the Horn Beasts spawn so I hunt those instead. But you have a choice of what
to hunt. Elder Werewolves have a slightly better drop, but I won't get into
much on that subject. (Optional: Velfist Temple)

Level 18 - Level 20: Velfist Temple would be a good choice right now.
Make sure you take the hall to the left of you when you enter, and keep
going along the halls and up the stairs to get to where the Corpse Sergeants
are at.

2: Knight

Level 1 - Level 7: Knights are more efficient in defense, so you might have
to stick with hunting Fox during level 1 to level 2 or 3. Beyond that period
is hunting wolves.

Level 8 - Level 10: Jaguars remain a good source of experience. Potions are a
must and you should have armors up-to-date

Level 11 - Level 14: Sasquatches, like Titans. If you use dual swords, which
is recommended, you shouldn't have problems here.

Level 15 - Level 17: Horn Beasts, horn beasts, and more horn beasts.
Drakes are ok as long as you have a party with a healer. Divine Shield is
a must here, since Horn Beasts have a pretty high defense, so you'll want to
match that.

Level 18 - Level 20: You have a choice, you can either go train at Dratan,
Dark Goddesses or Prokion Temple; or, you can stay at Randol and go hunt some
Giant Horn Beasts. It's up to you to make that decision.

3: Healer

Level 1 - Level 5: With your trusty bow in hand, go out there and put the hurt
on the foxes and wolves that roam the grasslands of Randol.

Level 6 - Level 10: You really don't need healing potions at this point since
you have the Self Heal skill... so go hunt Berserk Wolves or Jaguars, take
time to heal yourself now and then.

Level 11 - Level 14: Sasquatches, if you're planning to solo those. If you're
gonna hunt in a party with your friends, you can go up to Horn Beasts as long
as you're careful and heal frequently.

Level 15: - Level 18: Alot of people will be asking you to party at this point,
it's only natural since that's the logic in almost all mmorpgs; love thy
healer. Right? Yeah, I'm right. Drakes or Velpist Dungeon Party galore.

Level 19 - Level 20: Velpist or Prokeon is a smart choice. No further
explanations will be needed for that part.....

4: Mage

Level 1 - Level 7: Any wolves will be fine? The reason? You have magic.
Everyone knows magic owns :D

Level 8 - Level 9: Jaguars, why only two level's worth? You'll see why in a
second. But for now, put the hurt on them with Energy Volt

Level 10 - Level 13: Well, since magic owns so much, you actually have two
options. Train at sasquatches, for more skill point exp, or go to Horn Beasts.
By now you should've learned to take advantage of their slow speed.

Level 14 - Level 16: Elder Werewolves shouldn't impose much of a problem
to you now... You have Energy Volt and Energy Cutter... right?

Level 17 - Level 20: Go to Velpist to see if there's any Skeleton Lancers and
Corpse Sergeants you can blast to bits... oh wait, the spawn rate is perfect..

5. Rogue

Level 1 - Level 6: In the lower levels, I prefer attacking with crossbows.
Despite the power loss, it gives you range, and that's not a bad thing.
Try poking the wolves' eye's out with the crossbow at this period.

Level 7 - Level 9: Jaguar hunting... as long as you don't run into a mob of
three or four of these, you should be fine.

Level 10 - Level 15: Sasquatches when they appear yellow or white to you.
Once again, they have the best source of experience and skill point experience,
so go for it. When Sasquatches turn green, and I think they do so at level 15,
go try Horn Beasts.

Level 16 - Level 20: Velpist Temple can yield alot of results. Good ones,
mostly. Good drops, good variety of monsters. Who can complain?

6. Sorceror

Level 1 - Level 4: Sorcerors may as well be called Elemental Necromancers,
because, in all things essential, thats what they are. They summon elemental
spirits to help them out in battle. Most common being the Earth or Fire, you
rarely see Wind elementals being summoned. Wolves are good in this period.

Level 5 - Level 10: Jaguars from level 5? With an Earth Elemental at your
side, they should impose little or no problem at all. Just have potions at the
ready, just in case.

Level 11 - Level 13: Sasquatches yield the ultimate results with little effort.
Why? You should have two spirits now, Earth and Fire, fighting for you at the
same time.

Level 14 - Level 17: Horn Beasts. For this you should switch out your Fire for
the Water Elemental. Let the Earth make the heavy pounding and the Water shoot
from afar.

Level 18 - Level 20: Velpist Temple or Dark Goddesses at Dratan Desert. I
recommend Velpist because of the heavy mobs of Skeletons and Corpses.

Email me for more...
I'll awnser questions, help you through the game, maybe even give some coins or items.
So email me.
Later P)

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Don’t forget to give your visitors or family some rules too. It is a good idea to allow the animal to instigate interactions first, if your pet is a bit fearful, treats or toys given by the guest can add to making visitors a good experience.

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Holy S__, either replay has

Holy S__, either replay has no idea what LC is, it's an attempt at spam, or is completely A.D.D.

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thast all i gotto say man toys in L.C for pets thats funny seeinga drake run after a ball

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pet unmounted potential

You and your pet scenario @ lvl 31...You have a choice of two characters to become... My rogue can become an assassin or hunter... I experienced a different guide. A character who does not chose. Instead chooses to keep his or her own skills and continue to level with both. You then become a fallen character of your class. My fallen rogue has took the position of mercenary, getting rewards (game items/gold) to join parties and/or quests from other players...Or how about that player who killed you. I'll do it for you. This can keep you a blue name while I do your dirty work...Do not mount pet, instead skill up for personal quests and vedettas such as using TWO pets, 1 for magical defense/magic attack, 1 for armor defense/physical attack. for example, I have more than maxed my mp and magica defense with my dragon for extended use of my rogues general skills and compensated for my rogues week magic defense against another players magic attacks...HOOYAH!

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Lvling For A 13 Rouge and how to make heaps of money fast!!!!!!!

Any help appreciated I Would just like to know how to lvl fast im a lvl 13 rouge i would really like to know how to make money fast to please THANK YOU

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lvling lvl 13 rouge and gaininggold fast....

First, to gain big money is to go out and fight wild animals and eventually u will get heaven stone , moon stone, ect.

Last , to lvl a lvl 13 rouge u have to fight elder werewolves and put boosters or def. and atk minerals.

thats all folks.... danan

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everyone knows this

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lvling a lvl 26 titan , help plz

anyone know how to lvl very quick when being a titan?

plz help as quick as possible

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anyone hate spammers????? Anyone???

i hate the spammers at randol, they drive me nutts when im talking to my friend he cant here e or see my message on he message board.Reply if u have any hatred or love for spammers.......plz reply soon.

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I agreee.

Omg, I h8 the f___ing Spammers Who r trying to sell fake gold. I think they should all die by falling into a big hole.

Lols, _ DancingNinja

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26 Titan and Spammers

Hello Raynan,
To level a titan is pretty simple at your level. Go to the Prokien Temple in Dratan. When reached there, find some Orc Sargeants and destroy them! They'll give you massive sp and xp.

On another topic. Spammers pee me off so much! The same thing happens to me. Hope they get their just desserts one day!


P.S I'm on C2 most of the time. You can message me I don't bite!

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Man i was killin elders at

Man i was killin elders at lvl 9 and im titan. now im killing tem pumpkin ghosts and im lvl 14

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I have a lvl 84 knight and a lvl 33titan.The best place to train after lvl 16 is prokion temple in dratan!even though u r still weak,party up with strong guys and yeah!!!Orc sargents normally give me about 13k each for my lvl 33titan!!!BTW hate spammers!!!lat week or somn,one of the gm's killed the spammers and they wernt on for about 10hours....ahh the good times we had!!!

if u want help or somn im Sachin,im a titan and im normally on h1....k laters

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Any cat can learn. It is wise to first start when the pet is young, about eight to ten weeks old. But, the pet will do well at any age.

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pet leveling

i am a lvl 32 Knight and i have a lvl 12 hatchling . i put all the technical points into armor . then i go 2 merac jail and go get a k9. i take it bhind the railings and fight with NO WEAPON an my pet IS equiped. so i wont die .

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Do u need a lvl 9 guild??

we hate spammers!! if any1 needs a guild on sarissa there is one good guild called DarkSydicate lvl 9 average lvl is 41. if any1 needs a guild i am usually on everyday. pm me my name is junjune. =D Have fun an enjoy the game p.s if u wanna join guild u have to be like lvl 25+ then we would inform u we will lock u to get sp p.s.s yes i am in that guild =D

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i´m level 9 and i fight

i´m level 9 and i fight level 20 mobs
i dont know what you are talking about:S

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this webpage blows

yea i was owning harpys at lvl 10 n killed baal recently at lvl 20 why cause i friggin sp farmed for 1 month on lvl 20 i h8 that man i maxed out all my skills including passive yo my titan kicks as his name is GreatMelinko lvl 23 im on sarissa mainly on s3 cause always i have a red name cause killing mount trainers n pvp servers i kill ur pet 1st then wait till u finish killing ur monster ur i mean u were training on then i let the finishing blow n kill u

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help leveling

Hey guyz, its Collin9, this is my name in last chaos, in about 2 days ill b lvl 30 so keep an EYE out for my name 2 appear in the gaurdians list, i promis ill hav no prob trainin u. Just ask and dun be fraid 2 do it k? C ya on LC!!!

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Collin9's picture


Its Collin9 again, fyi i hav a rogue and a knight, just incase u wer wundrin, c ya!

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wut server u get on noob

wut server u get on noob sarissa cause i can create a player n lvl him to lvl 30 n like 3hrs

GreatMelinko's picture

GreatMelinko ^ who wrote

GreatMelinko ^ who wrote that

GreatMelinko's picture


hey yeah me again i was wondering who in good mind ever had the idea of ceating a ishi/scra chi who doesn't follow wtf

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i own n00bs

u guys are noobs i was fightin packs of elder werewolves at lvl 10 wif a knight and they doin 1-10 damage

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Pet leveling =].

Hey i havent played LastChaos in around 6-7 months lol. Yet i created a new knight on my old account and made 3.3m within my 3rd day. I cant afford a mount or pet but as we speak i started levelling my pet fast. I got taught to fight sasquatches with a shield equipped, as they wont attack your pet. Yet dont equip any wepon. My pony is nowheading towards level 3 within 25-30 mins XD. i get round 80-100+ pet exp per Sasquatche XD!!!!!!!

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i have a lvl 7 knight, and

i have a lvl 7 knight, and right now i attack elder werewolves and it is great. i put all my stats to constitution so i have lots of hp and all my pet stats to def and hp so i can just keep goin like the energizer bunny no pots needed.

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lol my knight is forever lvl

lol my knight is forever lvl 17 pet lvler :P i literally leave my knight alone for 4 hours fighting a treant because the trent does 1 dmg, wich i heal before i take another, and i deal 22 with no wep, wich it heals (most of time, some treant have less regen apparently). as for my knight it can take on lvl 30 pandora beasts and only take 1 dmg O.o, it has 599 def with pet equipped :P just put all ur pets stats into def and in no time u'll be practically invincible to ur opponents, and train on things like drakes, sasquatch, treant. they don't hit ur pet at all :P

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Pet Trainer (Guide)

1: Have Your Knight At Lvl 22
2: Have Weapon Off At Dratan
3: Go To Harpy and Find Good Spot Where Nobody Will KS You
4: Go AFK
5: Have Fun

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what should u do if u have a healer

Anonymous's picture

the healer question thing!!

If u have a healer u can fight alot but u still need healing poitions because if u r healing the animal can still attack u and tht wont be good!! If u r care full while u r a healer thts good. U can fight in partys and heal them when they r low on hp {health. u can also heal 1 person by cicking the heal button if u r a high enough lvl. [level] Im so glad i can help !!!

TO ALL THE PEOPLE IM ALWAYS ON HAZERTING SO MY NAME IS lilady23 and... others but thts my main she is lvl 30 soon to be lvl 31 and i will love to help anyone i need of help and make me as YOUR gaurdian and tell people how good i am!!! LOL!!! REMEMBER MY NAME IS lilady23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REPLY TO ME IF U KNOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey lil

hey lil its meeeee D3M0N1C aka beastboy2 aka BEASTED :D same site huh im just helpin out some ppl lol

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Well, its in the title and listen carefully.
1. add them as a friend.
2. open the via messager.
3.type some random word in.
4. open friends list and delete them.
5.close the messager. can hear him mwuhhha

names on last chaos
Jackasmash (i ruined him)
XIgnITiNgCiRcLeX (or something like that)

looking for a friendly active lvl 6+ guild.(on circle)

Xmeatwadx's picture

for all that play on the server hats

hey i can get u a nice friendly active guild, just msg me on xXCookooXx xXDarkMasterXx or Xmeatwadx on the server hatzring probably hatzring 5 for meatwad and hatzring 1 for the other 2

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How to get money


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is lilady in all caps???  

is lilady in all caps???


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young lilady at heart <3 i got a bf


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Best Way To Pet Level

if u want to pet level, make a knight. You can put the stat points in to what ever u want, usually strength, until u are the level to change into a Temple Knight. Then when u are a Temple knight put 2 stat points into Constuition then the rest of the stat points into dexterity. then level to level 36. When u are level 36 get a max red name. (b/c each pk lowers your attack by one) Now go to the berserkers in merac. Fight it without a weapon and u can AFK FOREVER, or as long as the pet has food. One more thing, u need to have atleast a +4 or +5 set of armour for this to work. then ENJOY!

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Selling items.

How do I know how much to sell my items for? I have a couple of things I would like to sell and I have no clue how much to charge. (sasquatch fur/ jaguar fang/ haste potion/ forgotten talisman/ jaguar scroll/ horn beast hide)

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LVL 20 Knight for pets...

I have a lvl 20 knight and have all stats in Dexterity and none in anything else. I was hitting 25 pts of damage per hit on Treants but that was even too much as they will eventually die from this much
So to rectify the problem i went to a PvP server and Pk'd a friend to -105 evil points (at around -110 your armor and weapons get sealed and lose their effectiveness the only cure of which is to go see the archbishop.) Now I only hit 15 pts damage and treants live, i live, pet lives and levels! AND I can sleep while i do it. Trick is not to train a 31 or higher pet AFK while you sleep cuz ya gotta feed it or it stops training and you just stand there pounding on a treant...i know cuz im doing it now! oops! lol

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bestpet lvling tips

if u want to lvl ur pet fast u should get to lvl 25-30 as fast as possible (i recommend a knight). than u get your defense as high as possible with your knight get a shield with at least +3 and take off your weapon. attack a treant with only your pet and your armor on (that means shield too. no weapon). (heres the easy part) go were no other treant can find u to attack u. than u can leave your computer for as long as u want. you dont have to worry about anything just come back in a few minutes to a few hours (in that time u can do anything u wnt video games watch tv... just about anything u want) and ur pet will be lvled so fast. hey it worked for me, i have a lvl 40 mounted dragon!

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another note from the same author as best pet lvling tips

i am D3M0N1C and i am also on hatzring alot i am a friend of lillady23 if u need help im on hatzring 2 alot i am very willing to help noobs :D

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help me i need perfect ms'

i need 3 perfect ms please help

my knight name SIRxLANSALOST i play on h3

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i got a way better guy then you all lvl 98 rk beat any of u

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David don't be talking crap dude my mom could pown u in her sleep so don't be like that dude

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LOL i'm a mage level 9

and can pwned elder werewolfs with easy, Titans are slow but very massive damage when one hits a monster..i too have a titan...knight and mage <----of course. my titan is level 8 as we speak...i always kill the ones that are 10-15 levels higher then i am...fastest leveling mages name is XQueenDeathX and i pwn xD, gotta LOVE a mage..massive damge dealing..but low def but well worth it...makes it up with damages hehe.

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Hey, my name is Emily, I'm level 166. I'm just wondering if anyone here has some Necklaces of Fire, Earth, Wind, or Water. If you do and you want to sell them to me I'll pay up to 2 Billion each... But I really don't want too.

Add me on lastchaos im on almost all the time.


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hhow can i get my

hhow can i get my reputations,i have a rouge tht is lvl 33 and already fighting those orcs in the temple but still,i dont get any reputaion points plsss help me :(

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Im a lvl 15 and can kill mobs of treants wiht no potions and also kill multiple harpies without healing!

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lol you guys are funny just go to the pet room

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Can anyone help me?

Can anyone help me lvl with my rogue?She is lvl 31 and Names xxSylvia...i have 16k sp and more... so .. umm pliss reply .. Thank You :)

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pet lvling


ok if you really want to lvl your pet and fast get a rogue lvl to at least 30 and go all dexterity in stats so you hit fast and then when you get there you get dratan npc scroll and teleport to jinarr tribe merchant and go left from her and you will find statues they dont attack you but you can just keep hitting them just leave your computer and let your character attack but the statues come on wednesday and leave on friday so you have 3 days to do it .(you probably will get disconnected it inevetible). it really helps i got my horse to lvl 15 in one day and another tip you wont lvl your pet that fast in the 20s maybe 2 lvls a day but thats good ig ot my horse to lvl 37 in about 12 days of the statues being there. HOPE THIS HELPED

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sp farming


if you want to really SP farm you have to get to lvl 6 from killin wolves and foxes get a guardian and then once you hit lvl6 go to sasquatch  and get out your mercenary and fight sasquatch until you have 15k of them and you will end up having 16k SP  and you will end up being lvl 19 from there you go to prokian temple in dratan and grind on your lvl to 33 and then just kill your lvl anywhere until you lvl to 60 and then you get quest for ToF that gives you 3k SP then grind your lvl til you hit lvl100 then you get another quest that gives you 3k and try to use pbi's and spb and go in dungeons as much as you can . If you do what i have said you will end up with 80k sp which will cover you til atleast lvl125


give me some ideas i can help you with and ill try to give advice

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