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14 Sep in wine cooler

When doing our kitchen remodeling project we decided to get a wine cooler to store and keep our wine bottles in one place (regular soda cans also go in there as well as beer bottles). After long research I've purchased Danby DWC513BLS wine cooler from http://beveragefactory.com. I've considered a lot of different brands/models, however most of them either looked cheap either were too costly. I felt Danby provided both functionality and a very good look for its price and the warranty lenght also exceeded what was offered by the competitors.

Our experience with this model so far was positive, except it neede some cooler fan replaced after a couple of months use. In addition when calling to Danby I've found out that they (Danby) do not have anybody in our area to fix this problem with the cooler. The solution was to replace the fan by myself and Danby only sent the replacement part. I'm hoping this was the only problem with the cooler.

You could see it fits nicely under the counter at this photo on our home improvement projects album here

November 2007 Update: Still I have some problems with this fridge - the cooler fan needs to be replaced again!

I guess I need to find some updated part instead of the stock fan. Will post results after the repair is complete :)

January 2008 Update: For those who has this wine cooler or similar unit and it is out of warranty, and in case you experience similar problems with the cooler fan - you can replace it by yourself.

The problem with the factory fan is that it is a sleeve-bearing fan. On average, a fan should operate for about 50,000 hours, which if  it runs continuously would be over five years. However when the operating temperature rises or the fan is installed "not exactly" vertically, it will have shorter life.
I had to replace my fan two times withing two years since we bought the unit! Plus the stock fan  becomes quite noisy after a couple of months of work.

With all of these problems I did some research for better fans and decided to purchase a ball-bearing fan to install it into the cooler by myself.

Ball-bearing fans on average outlast sleeve-bearing fans by 50 percent and produce less noise.
It's very important to purchase the right AC 115 Volts fan for this Danby wine cooler.

The original fan is Rullian Science RAL 1225S2 (120x120x25 mm in size, 100-125V AC, 0.09A)
The replacement model is Orion OA12AP-11-3TB which I got for $13.5 from Mouser Electronics (mouser.com). The replacement model is ball-bearing cooling fan with slightly higher/better parameters, which will help to cool down the wine cooler coil faster.

To replace the fan you need to tilt the wine cooler on the side and unscrew two small screws at the bottom that keep the original fan in place, remove one screw to the black box where the fan wires are attached and unplug these wires. Then you just need to replace it with the new fan and test that it works properly. If you never used Soldering Tool before you probably will be better off with getting some help from certified electrician - it still will be less expensive than getting this fan ordered every year from Danby.
(please note I'm not certified electrician, you might want to confirm all the details before attempting to fix this yourself...)



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Danby Wine Cooler

Interesting article. Did you have to deal with discharging a capacitor when you replaced the condenser fan on your Danby 513?

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I don't recall if I did

I don't recall if I did anything to discharge the capacitor as it's been a while since the fan was replaced

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How much did this help with noise?

Just wondering how much this helped with noise. We just purchased a Danby under counter wine fridge and the condenser fan whines quite loudly when it runs. Its almost as loud as the microwave when running. I've confirmed its the condenser fan as I have stuck a q-tip in there to stop it. I'm considering replacing the fan with a quieter one.

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I recall it should not be

I recall it should not be that noisy at all. The original fan was quiet enough, unless the vendor started to assemble these fridges with a different model of condenser fan. The one I have replaced the original fan with was about the same the noise-wise. I'm sure you can find less noisy fan on the Internet. 

dBa is the measure of amplitude or noise. It is usually proportional to the fan speed or "revolutions per minute" (RPM) but it also depends on the bearing type.
RPM is the measure of fan speed. With the same bearing, a faster fan will produce more noise.
CFM is the measure of airflow. Factors that affect it include fan speed, fan size, and blade design.

You would need to lookup a fan with a lowest numbers for dBA and the same CFM, size and voltage.

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Yeah, the one I have uses a 12V fan, Rullian Science model # RDL 1225B. So they apparently are using different fans now. I am going to try a different fan to see if that helps. Thanks.

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Danby DWC513 wine fridge

One indicator shows E4 and other is at 82. Is this a evaporator problem? The fridge is not cooling down and I am unable to set the temperature. Can I repair this problem on my own?

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Please try one of these

Please try one of these solutions: http://www.fixya.com/search/p48534-danby_dwc513bls_wine_cooler/danby_e4_error_code (one of them is shown below)

..."Between phone calls to danby and my neighbor, we fixed this problem. My E4 was on the left (lower chamber). If you have one on the right it is the upper chamber. The E4 is a defrost sensor that can be ordered from Danby's distributor (call Danby for the one in your area). The part and shipping were around $30.

If your E4 is on the left...

- remove the top shelves
- open the cover inside the cooler above the digital read outs (the top unscrews)
- inside is were the repacement sensor plugs in
- replace the one with the long cord
- run the sensor down the back to the lower chamber
- replace all covers and parts

If the E4 is on the right...

- remove the top shelves
- look on the right hand wall for a black plastic grate, the sensor is under this grate
- replace the sensor (simple plug and play)
- replace the racks."

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Danby winde fridge

I removed the cover inside the cooler and am not sure which is the sensor to be replaced. There are so many small wires/cords coming out of the board. The E4 is on the left (when I am looking at the fridge)so I think that is the lower chamber.

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Fan Replacement

This was an amazing fix for me.  My cooler was about five years old and the fan started making all kinds of noise.  I could not find the replacement fan so I used the website listed above, mouser.com to purchase a different fan that was said to work.  Low and behold, it works great and is even much quieter than the original fan I replaced.  Thanks for your help! 

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